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Indonesian National Plan for Biomass Energy Supply

In FY2006, the total consumption of primary energy of Indonesia scored 8.37 billion barrel of crude oil equivalent. This figure was consisted of crude oil (47%), natural gas (22%),coal (24%), hydraulic power (2%), geothermal (5%), showing quite high dependence on crude oil. A presidential decree for promoting the use of biofuel was issued in January 2006 designating the future energy policy of Indonesia. The decree designates a goal to be attained by 2025, where the share of crude oil to be lessened as low as 20 %, that of coal to be raised to 33 %, in addition that of biofuels (bioethanol, biodiesel fuel, and other kinds of biomass-derived oil) to be 5 %

Table shows the national supply plan of biomass energy for FY2010. As regards production of biodiesel fuel at present, BPPT (Badan Pengkajian Dan Penerapan Teknologi) has installed a test plant that can produce 1 ton per day of biodiesel oil using jatropha oil as raw material, at its Energy Technology Development Center and has been running a range of experiments. Besides, BPPT possesses a full-scale proof plant with 5,000ton/year capacity. The biodiesel fuel produced by these plants will be blended with light oil so as to be used for transportation vehicles. The blending ratio will be 10 % by FY2010, and to be raised to 20% by FY2025.

Fig.  The Primary Energy Consumption of Indonesia (FY2006 result and FY2025 plan)

Fig. The Primary Energy Consumption of Indonesia (FY2006 result and FY2025 plan)

Table Biofuel Supply Plan of Indonesia for FY2010

Kind of Biofuel Raw Material Production (kl/year) Purpose of use
bioethanol cassava, molasses 1,850,000 gasoline for transport
biodiesel palm oil, jatropha oil 1,240,000 light oil for transport
biomass oil palm oil, jatropha oil 4,800,000 electric power,kerosene

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